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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Mia Baule Scatter Cushion Cover

Let’s talk Inners! This is probably our most asked question, “Do you sell inners?” or “What size inners should I buy?” or “What kind of inners would you recommend?” I thought it would be fitting that a post on this needs to live on our blog as a resource of sorts 🙂

First things first, no we don’t sell inners, only cushion covers. I’ve found that when it comes to shipping inners, they just don’t make sense for us a business right now. However, I’ve listed recommended suppliers below.

As far as type goes, I’ve always loved a down inner, especially if you’re like me that goes around chopping pillows in our house. They are perfect for that satisfying chop! They also give the appearance of a fuller, fluffier pillow. If you’re not keen on down, there are many synthetic options. We do recommend you upsize your inner by 5cm for that fuller look! Just to point out, all the images on our site and socials all have the upsized inner.

We’ve always recommended fellow local business, Lifson Linen as a preferred supplier as their covers are great quality and reasonably priced. We also recommend Takealot, Yuppie Chef, Homeware Store and Superbalist as great options. I hope you’ve found this post helpful, comment below or send us an email if you’re stuck!

  • Salia Baule Scatter Cushion Cover
  • Salia Baule Scatter Cushion Cover
  • Mika Faux Leather Cushion Cover

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