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Guest Bedroom Inspiration

Guest Bedroom Inspiration

Guest Bedroom Inspiration finds

Surely I can’t be the only one! I’ve been putting our guest bedroom on the back burner for the longest time! Life just gets in the way and there’s usually much more important things to get to…especially in Cyril’s economy😩

Our guest bedroom is currently filled with laundry that needs to be ironed and the easiest thing right now, is to simply keep the door closed😅. Relatable? Anyways, I figured I need a plan and then start slowly working at it. When we were renovating our home, what really worked is getting all my inspiration OUT of Pinterest and onto a vision board of sorts. This really kept the vision clear, and I wasn’t easily distracted by the next trend or item I see online or in-store. The worst is loving everything you come across and once the items are at home, they work great in isolation, but just can’t seem to gel together. So, yes my mood boards kept me on track.

Now we actually need to start! This time I’m going to collect items over time and really enjoy the process instead of rushing it. Here’s some inspiration that I really love right now. Which is your favourite?

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