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Winter Ready Your Home

Winter Ready Your Home

Lately I’ve been into interiors that are bright and sunny. I think with Winter setting in I’ve been seeking the sun more, trying to find any sunny spot in our house to get comfy with a book. However, I’ve always been attracted to spaces that have lots of natural light.

I’ve always loved adding colour and texture to change up a space depending on the season. This is almost always achievable with changing up your throw pillows, plants and throws. This roundup really shows how pillows and throws really add warmth and texture to the space.

They say that your home is never done and I’m currently feeling that way. Maybe it’s just in our nature that things could feel better or look better in the home? I’m definitely in a space where I feel like things need a change up. I probably get this question most when our customers are checking out: “I need help with selecting my pillow combo!” I really don’t mind assisting, simply send an email and I’d be happy to assist! Let me know which is your favourite😀

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