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Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

Guest room with flowers on bedside table

Getting your home ready for the holidays can be quite a daunting task, especially if you’re hosting guests. For me it’s more the getting started than the process of getting my home ready for guests. There are so many things happening at year end that it all becomes overwhelming! It’s yet another thing to add to an ever growing to do list.

Here are my tips that in my opinion, make guests feel a little more at home and comfortable during their stay.

1- Add flowers in your guests’ room. I know, I know, some people view this as a bit much, but honestly it doesn’t have to be an elaborate bouquet, a single stem from your garden will also do. It just adds a homely touch to any room. I’m talking about even a single stem in a pretty glass…whatever you have on hand.

  • Posies on bedside table

2- I love candles to create ambience and warmth, and they obviously smell delicious. Candles is just a touch of warmth that instantly changes the feeling of a room!

  • Scented candles in bathroom
  • Scented candles in bathroom
  • Happy Hour Scented Candle
  • Happy Hour Scented Candle

3- One thing about me, when I travel, I ALWAYS have a book on hand to read before going to sleep, it personally regulates me into have some sort of feeling of being at home. Nothing brings me greater joy than having a bedside table with a lamp so I can enjoy a book with hot tea. It’s a great way for me to feel at home and finally relax into my holiday.

4- It’s Summer! The perfect time to switch out heavier winter colours for a lighter palette. Here, think duvet sets and seasonal scatter cushions. I love a clean, minimal look for a summer guest room. We offer a great variety of scatter options.

5- Make room for belongings if at all possible. Whether it’s a bench, armchair or if you’re able to, some sort of storage unit, it’s always great to have surface in the bedroom for hanging coats, storing bags etc. I love these options below!

Hope you’ve loved this kind of post! Would love your thoughts, comment below!

Note inspiration images via Pinterest.

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