Thought I’d do an update on where we are with our renovation. I think I’m at the stage where you can’t wait for it to be over. Initially the thought of it is exciting, but after having construction workers underfoot for a few weeks, I get impatient with the whole process. It just reminds me of our initial renovation and all the frustration and dust comes to mind! So, I think it will be another week or so and then hopefully we’re all done.

I must admit that what renovating has done is opened up the conversation on how long we plan to live in our current space. You know, are we over investing, is it necessary, I start to question my decorative choices, will it turn out the way I see it in my head? What we have realized is that apartment/urban/lock-up-and-go living is exactly what suits our lifestyle. If you’ve followed my blog since the early days you’d know that I’ve never been the house, white picket fence and a dog kinda girl and nothing’s changed!

Now that things are taking shape, I decided to redo my previous mood board with more specifics, also some progress pics 🙂


image image image

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