Baby Talk

I haven’t been on this space for so long! There’s no time for excuses, but I simply had to write this post somewhere to keep a record:-)

This is purely dedicated to the little person currently in my belly. I can’t put into words how to describe that we are in the process of making a totally new face to join our lives, it’s almost ridiculous!

I was in the process of putting together a guest bedroom when we got the news that we were pregnant. By then we had already purchased a double bed and didn’t even think of it being a baby’s room. In retrospect I don’t regret it at all as Corey now has a big boy bed already. What did take me a while though, is trying to figure out how everything would fit without getting rid of the bed. I knew that decoratively, it would have to be minimal and an easy on the eye palette. Oh, the dark blue wall was always in the plan, regardless of having a boy or girl, I’m simply in love with Plascon’s Black Beard!

What did come out of my thinking was that the room had to flow into the rest of our house, sort of like an extension. I decided to work with lots of wood and white, keeping in mind the dark blue wall. Everything sort of evolved from there. Most of the items on the mood board below are what I’ve already purchased, it’s just a case of putting it all together. I’m so happy with the results thus far!

I think this post is just a moment where I can be absolutely clear and still and when eventually looking back at this, remember how special a time it was.


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