Under Construction

The last time we had contractors in our house I never wanted to see another one ever! Unfortunately renovations come part and parcel with contractors, banging, drilling and dust, the dust may be the worst. But yes, we’ve started construction on our enclosed balcony a week ago.

I’m not sure of the exact age of our house, but this space was previously a wrap around verandah, which was subsequently enclosed. It makes it a bit difficult to try and figure out what to do with the space, but ultimately we want it to be a chill spot of sorts. The idea is to be able to open up the space completely during the summer months, while windows will retain the warmth of the sun in the winter months. So, the best of both worlds ideally.

Decoratively, I’d like a more natural and masculine take, no fuss, no clutter, as space is of utmost importance. It’s hard for me to recreate what I’m thinking, but think exposed beams for a ceiling, concrete screed floors, timber stack doors that completely open up the space and low lighting. I’ll be documenting this process as we move along. Below is some inspiration that I’ve been referencing.


image image image image image

What’s definite are these cool pendants from Hoi P’loy!

image image

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