Shoppe at Market

Last week I visited this pretty little store called Shoppe. They stock all sorts of pretty little trinkets, accessories, both interior and fashion. It was just cool finding all sorts of pretty at once. They are next to Market on Marriot, visit them next time you in the area, you won’t be disappointed!





Living La Bella

Last week I took Rory to La Bella for a birthday lunch. I now officially have a thing for setting up house in a restaurant! First Market, now La Bella. Restaurants have a cool way of bringing the outside in. La Bella is not as beautiful as Market, but is completely open plan downstairs and has a loft and balcony upstairs. Being the forward coloured person that I am, I whipped out my camera and took these!






‘Tiss the Season

I’ve been looking for a cool Christmas tree for a while now. Our current tree is one I bought like two days before Christmas the year we moved into our place, and it sucks. It was one of the scraps left on the shelf, so it was time for it to go!

Anyway, I went to I heart Market yesterday, and this wooden tree was on someone’s stand! Not for sale, but I eventually tracked down the person who makes them and bought it out of her car boot. It’s a bit different, but our place is small and I wanted something cool. I also got these parcel lights for the window sill, so festive. Think we need to add more festive stuff. Any ideas?



Take me to Market!

With that said, we went to Market (on Marriott road) for breakfast on Saturday morning. This building is the epitome of what we want our house to be! I love the use of open space and just the flow between spaces. How cool are the steps leading up to the lounge area, and the bar/kitchen area?! This definitely makes it to my wishlist.

I heart market

I had heard about “I heart market”, and this weekend my bear (my husband Rory :-)) and I finally got to go. So, if you’re into design (fashion/interior/furniture) a foodie, or just into markets, you will die!! You simply have to go. There was clothing, interiors, food stalls delux!

I heart market happens once a month at the DLI hall in Greyville Racecourse. The next one’s on May 1st. Check out their facebook page..