All the trimmings

So, we might be selling our place this year! That leaves the daunting task of buying a new place though, bleh. It’s not that I won’t love the hunting process, I’m just worried we won’t find anything we like!

I’m loving the new wood trim trend on the outside of a lot of buildings. It’s so unconventional and a cool change to paint, or just plain brick. Lord knows how we gonna get our hands on one of these!




Take me to Market!

With that said, we went to Market (on Marriott road) for breakfast on Saturday morning. This building is the epitome of what we want our house to be! I love the use of open space and just the flow between spaces. How cool are the steps leading up to the lounge area, and the bar/kitchen area?! This definitely makes it to my wishlist.

We Finally Have a Headboard!!

So the day has finally arrived! After lots of oohing and aahing, about making it myself, we have a headboard. This was a project that I had been working on for months, in my head that is! I have had internal struggles on whether or not to go the diy route or not. The thing is, when you start collecting furniture that will possibly be going into a bigger house, you have to think twice about the quality of pieces that you find. Like I said before, I’m into diy, but not into making a mess of things! I think now that I’d rather leave things to the professionals!

What I’m basically saying is no, I did not do it myself :-( , but I’m quite happy with the end result. I did enjoy the process of finding fabric and shopping around for the best price though. So this is the deal, I found fabric at U&G Fabrics in Overport, they then give you a list of their recommended suppliers that do headboards. However, I was still not happy with their pricing and eventually I decided to give Foam Fundi on Argyle rd a bash. ( I was going to get all the supplies to build it myself from them initially). It turned out that they make headboards! All in all, the headboard costed me R1000 including the fabric :-)

I’ve attached a pic of our new addition, as well as a (overpriced at R2800) headboard that I saw this weekend at @Home in Gateway. Take your pick!