The Italian Job

I’m writing this post from Livigno Italy! This has been one of the most fun packed holidays ever! Livigno is a little town on the Italian Alps that borders Switzerland. I’ve never been skiing, so it’s been a experience of a lifetime. To actually be able to ski, is like acquiring a new skill, it’s insane! At the beginning of the trip I really thought there was no way I’d be able to ski by the end of the week, but our instructors were that good and really motivational. We’ve been skiing, skidooing, tobogganing, it’s been crazy!

Besides the skiing, this town is mainly a resort and it’s currently in its busiest season. The whole area is duty/tax free, so shopping is amazing. Although, I must say that what you shop for is very limiting. I mean it’s like one big duty free store, so the likes of fragrances, chocolates, liquor etc etc. Because it’s Italy though, I got some really nice wine, coffee and I’m looking at getting some cheese to bring home. Not sure how I’ll manage to keep it fresh in my luggage though.

The buildings here are mainly log cabin like, with shutters on every window. So, it’s very quaint and picturesque. We did visit St Mortiz in Switzerland, and that was also amazing, with beautiful architecture and alleys everywhere. I finally found a sheepskin for our bedroom! So excited to see how I can style it once I get home. I do miss home though, two more days, can’t wait to get home!












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