Always on Trend?

I love trends, I love change, I love change of season, whether it be decor or fashion, whatever. However, I’m not a lover of being “on trend” all the time. Don’t get me wrong, some trends are timeless and classic, those I keep, but certain things just lose their sense of style once a season is over.

I’ve always maintained that I hate the idea of being “locked” into a particular look, especially if it means changing almost every element of a room, once I’m over it. For example, we need a bookcase, and if you know me, I have to cover every aspect of finding the perfect one. I simply love the gold accent trend at the moment, but I KNOW I’m going to get over it soon and move on to the next. The metal and wood combo in a previous post also is quite trendy right now.

However, I’m trying to incorporate different textures and wood in our place and this bookcase, I think will stand the test of time, especially the weathered look of the wood.


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