I haven’t given an update lately on what’s transpired with the Niche project. I knew going in, it would take a while, even though I can’t wait to see the end result.

In the mean time I’ve found a joinery I can partner with for anything wood related. So far he’s made this ledge shelf for our bathroom at home that I’ve been dying to get! A display bench for Niche and these industrial lights I’ve scored for nothing!
These lights were originally hung in a bank in the Durban cbd and he had a few laying around. After negotiations, I’ve scored 6 of these babies for nothing! They’d be perfect for the look we have going on for Niche, I’m thinking of having them sprayed black and suspending them from the ceiling! Can’t wait!
image image

Finding Your Niche

Finally! Not sure if this counts, but the Niche guys have asked me to decorate their offices. Now if you remember in previous posts, decorating their offices has been a long time coming. Whether I was doing it or not, it was meant to be done years ago! As long as I have some Carte Blanche when it comes to the decorative decision making, I’m happy :-)

Niche is a creative digital agency, the clear message in the guys brief was that the space needs to reflect their brand, personalities, have a masculine aesthetic, but not overly so, and create an environment that allows a creative to thrive and enjoy being at work. Now, this space is gorgeous! Lots and lots of natural light, double volume ceilings and huge windows.

My first thought was that this has to be a space where the natural light and sense of openness NEEDS to be appreciated, less is definitely more here. Think industrial, with a touch of wood for masculinity, cognac leather and rugs for warmth. Indoor plants will also add some life.

Because the area is completely open plan with no partitioning, working areas need to be clearly defined and identified. They are divided into, staff workspace, a boardroom, management workspace and an informal seating area. Layout is extremely important in the sense that if a meeting is happening at the boardroom table, the staff would still need to be able to work unaffected. So, spaces will have to be defined, practical and pleasing to the eye.

That being said, these are some mood boards I’ve come up with so far!





Work in progress

I know! I’ve been a terrible blogger as of late. I’m just finding it really hard to separate myself from having a job in sales and trying to find inspiration at the same time. Anyway, I’m currently busy with the Niche guys in decorating their office. This is sort of my first real project outside of my home. I’ve blogged about the look and feel for the office in my previous post, but now we’ve actually decided on a final look and started scouting furniture, decor and the like.

The space is quite big and with a limited budget, we have to make it seem “lived in” from the get go. We’ve decided to go with a look that is modern with retro accents throughout. However, we didn’t decide on a particular colour theme, but rather to keep the palette clean and white with pops of colour. This also eliminates the “locked” in feel of a look. These are some of the mood boards I’ve created.




To Infinity and Beyond!

This post has been long overdue, and my blogging seriously needs to improve!

So Niche’s moving on and up! This will be my first real project and chance to spend some money to deck out their new offices.

Being a design studio, this office needs to inspire both employees and clients. The boys love both modern and retro looks and I have to find a way to incorporate both. These looks happen to be my favorites and I love piecing the old and new together. I love the feel of modern meet vintage, meet lived in. For a creative office I was thinking a grey and white colour palette, that way introducing colour pops will be very easy. This is the mood board I’ve come up with!




Finding your Niche

I haven’t been able to blog for ages! Been away for work, which had me neglecting my blog! Anyway, the guys called me in to come up with looks for their offices at Niche. Bearing in mind this is my first time “presenting” what I think might work in someone’s space, I think it went okay. Their office is rather small and I came up with two possible looks for the space. The idea was to utilize the space, by making it seem bigger and roomier. With it being a design studio, the space has to inspire creativity and have a positive impact on the people in it. The guys are very much into everything modern, but not sterile, vintage, but not eclectic or bohemian. They also wanted a office that seemed “lived” in and comfortable for those working late nights.

My task was to achieve a office look that is bright, airy, trendy, modern, retro, vintage, comfortable and oozing on the cool factor. These were the “looks” I came up with.






This is for all the hoarders out there. Are you one of those people who just collect things for the sake of it? I have to say as far as this goes, I’m quite good with getting rid of things I don’t need, I hate build up-it’s one of my pet peeves! Rory on the other hand is a bit strange, he loves clean lines, the whole minimalist look, he hates clutter that is seen, but underneath lurks a huge hoarder!! Here are some de-cluttering ideas:

– Get rid of old clothes you don’t wear-donate it. I used to have this need to keep clothes of way back when, even as far matric! Seriously who am I kidding?!

-Stop collecting for the sake of it, maybe try and picture where it would go in your home before purchasing.

-If at all possible get a walk-in, this is a bit much even for me. This way as girls we wouldn’t have to hang onto shoe boxes and that way I’ll be able to wear all my clothes!!

-Empty your pockets when walking through the front door. That way you get rid of slips, packets etc that you don’t need.

-Organise your admin at home, by that I mean budgets, expenses, important documents, tax documents and the like into a filing system.

These are just some ideas that I can think of, what are yours?