I haven’t given an update lately on what’s transpired with the Niche project. I knew going in, it would take a while, even though I can’t wait to see the end result.

In the mean time I’ve found a joinery I can partner with for anything wood related. So far he’s made this ledge shelf for our bathroom at home that I’ve been dying to get! A display bench for Niche and these industrial lights I’ve scored for nothing!
These lights were originally hung in a bank in the Durban cbd and he had a few laying around. After negotiations, I’ve scored 6 of these babies for nothing! They’d be perfect for the look we have going on for Niche, I’m thinking of having them sprayed black and suspending them from the ceiling! Can’t wait!
image image


Last week my trainer changed up my workouts by taking a suspension class! It involves lots of core strength and balance. Hopefully we can progress to a point where your body is completely inverted throughout the workout! 

Agility Durban offers suspension training and Pilates and they are based at the Design Factory off Umgeni road.

Besides a cool workout, the space is decorated in cool, calming tones. Completely zen! I spotted these geometric ornaments that I’ve been dying over for the longest time and can’t seem to find anywhere! Go to Agility Durban if you’re keen to check it out.


Birthday Wishlist

My birthday’s coming up! I think what I love most about this blog is that it gives me the freedom to document my state of mind and thoughts at any point in time. Its value just gets better as time goes and I can reflect on where I was at a particular time…It waits for no one, it goes by so fast, it almost feels like I’m running out of it. This may be just age, but sometimes you wonder if you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. What I do know is that I’m grateful for yet another year and the people I share my life with.

Enough deep talks, thought I’d put together this birthday Wishlist and hope for the best.


Yes, these are decorative items, but I need these round mirrors in my life!

This rug was on my Christmas list, I guess it makes the cut again!



Finally, can someone just make this shelf for me please? This is the hardest decorative item I’ve yet to lay my hands on, I mean really?!

Garden Progress

In honor of our new deck chairs, I just had heiro write this post. Trying a new thing on the blog, if I feel I have the need to record a point in time, I’ll write a post, no matter how insignificant :-)

So, our little grass patch is a 5X5m space, it’s small. Whatever our decision was in terms of garden furniture, it HAS to make sense in terms of our limited space. I’ve been coveting traditional deck chairs for a while now, as you know I have a thing for chairs, I just wanted a pair because they’re so classic! We did consider a sitting room set of outside furniture, but they are just so expensive and just wouldn’t make sense in such a small space. Then we ran into these! Actually, our neighbors got to them first, we went over for a drink and these chairs were sooo comfortable. Turns out they are recycled plastic timber, completely weather proof, can withstand heat, rain and snow. They just made sense and now that they’re in, it was the right decision for the space:-)

I do still want to get a side table of sorts, maybe something vintage.. To finish off the space, I’ve gotten some succulents, our creeper seems to be coming along and hopefully we can get some lighting in soon for summer evenings.

Planters- Mr Price Home
Deck chairs- Enviro Timbers






Vamp It Up

At this first official post of 2015, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year! I’ve been on holiday and so has my blog, I’ve been feeling so guilty about not writing, but I’m back :-) I just had to write about visiting Vamp in Cape Town, Woodstock for me was filled with inspiration that I so needed!

After following Vamp Furniture on Instagram for the longest time, I was finally able to visit their store in Woodstock while in Cape Town.

I loved everything in sight! The style of furniture is very mid century modern and I could see so many pieces working in our space. I was very interested in a beautiful bookcase that would work perfectly, but was quickly reminded of our “priority” list, yes we have one, if your wish list is as long as mine, you NEED a priority list!








Here’s to 2015!


As I write this post we’re on holiday in Cape Town! I’ve been a bit MIA since the holiday season started and figured I should write one more post in 2014.

My 2014 New Years resolution was to start up my blog again and I can say that I have! This blog has just been a place for me to journal my thoughts on design whether it be furniture or decorative. Looking back in the years to come, would be would be interesting to see how my taste has evolved and changed.

Being in Cape Town has been a source of new inspiration and rejuvenation. I haven’t checked out everything and I’m feeling refreshed and inspired! Below are some of our holiday snaps:-)

Hope you’re 2015 is everything and more!


Cape Town, decor

Cape Town, decor, outside furniture