Shoppe at Market

Last week I visited this pretty little store called Shoppe. They stock all sorts of pretty little trinkets, accessories, both interior and fashion. It was just cool finding all sorts of pretty at once. They are next to Market on Marriot, visit them next time you in the area, you won’t be disappointed!





Biker Chic

Like most girls, I sometimes get caught into current trends, as much as I try not to be typical, some pieces just grab me. My latest have to have is a pair of leather skinnies, love them and they soo versatile! The pic below are skinnies from Anine Bing (they are at $700 dollars a pop!). It looks like I’ll have to start hunting locally. I think it’s a bit to warm for Durban right now, but that gives me plenty time to get ready for our “winter”:-)

By the way, I’m currently blogging from my new ipad 4! Just thought I’d brag a bit:-))




Pinterest Picks

I spend so much time on Pinterest it’s not even funny. So, I’ve decided to do a Pinterest Picks post every so often I come across something really cool, whether it be interiors or fashion, or whatever.
Anyway, how cool are these boyfriend jeans?! If there’s one item of clothing I hate shopping for, it’s jeans. It just takes too long and the process is painstakingly excruciating for me what with being a curvy girl.

So I’ll just swoon on these ladies:-)