House Hunting

So, I thought house hunting would be this amazing process of looking at beautiful homes and discovering which one has our name on it. It’s a real opportunity for me to sink my teeth in and go about making a home. This process has been nothing but running after estate agents, getting dumped by estate agents and every property we’ve looked at so far, has been wrong.

Firstly, its ridiculous how little “house” you get for your money and just generally how expensive everything is! If you raise the bar a bit and decide maybe we should increase our range, you looking at a R500k hike at least, to get you to that next level. Secondly, estate agents almost refuse to divulge where exactly a property’s located, insisting that you take the time to see the property only to find out its near a dump, or township, or close to the freakin highway. Thirdly, you call an agent to find out about seeing a property and they in turn, ask you how much have you been qualified for. They have their own checklist ready to rule out possible time wasters! Which is fair, however, as an agent you have to go through these motions with a possible client right?

This has not been fun so far.. I’ll keep posting!

The NSA Art Gallery

I know I’ve said this numerous times, but I could seriously live in some restaurants! I’ve mentioned Market and LaBella in previous posts, so its no surprise that the NSA in Glenwood makes my list too:-)

I love the wood industrial feel of this restaurant, the wood slats are just amazing. The art gallery on the loft area is probably one of the main reasons why I find this space so appealing. Why can’t we find a house like this?!







I’ve been slacking on my posts lately, and it’s mainly due to my job. Must admit I find it very hard to stay inspired and focus on work. It’s hard to focus on work and home and a blog, we don’t even have kids yet!

Anyway, I go away for work once a month for two nights and stay at this amazing boutique hotel in Newcastle. Just had to share how beautiful this place is, even if it’s Newcastle!


Living La Bella

Last week I took Rory to La Bella for a birthday lunch. I now officially have a thing for setting up house in a restaurant! First Market, now La Bella. Restaurants have a cool way of bringing the outside in. La Bella is not as beautiful as Market, but is completely open plan downstairs and has a loft and balcony upstairs. Being the forward coloured person that I am, I whipped out my camera and took these!






All the trimmings

So, we might be selling our place this year! That leaves the daunting task of buying a new place though, bleh. It’s not that I won’t love the hunting process, I’m just worried we won’t find anything we like!

I’m loving the new wood trim trend on the outside of a lot of buildings. It’s so unconventional and a cool change to paint, or just plain brick. Lord knows how we gonna get our hands on one of these!