I haven’t been on here for so long!!! I’ve been working on some looks for friends and just wanted to share them on my blog, love the way they came out. 

Even though these posts are not filled with all of my thoughts, they are probably my favorite because I can get more creative and its when I’m most happiest. Hope you love them! image image image image

The Ruby Orchard


imagePopped into the Ruby Orchard in Howick last week! Been following them on Insta for a while and thought I’d see what they were all about while I was in Howick for work.

To be honest, I was there for about 10 minutes, I needed more time!! Their space if filled with some amazing furniture and decorative items. If you’re in the area, this is definitely a must see :-) Here are some snaps I managed to take.image image image image


I haven’t given an update lately on what’s transpired with the Niche project. I knew going in, it would take a while, even though I can’t wait to see the end result.

In the mean time I’ve found a joinery I can partner with for anything wood related. So far he’s made this ledge shelf for our bathroom at home that I’ve been dying to get! A display bench for Niche and these industrial lights I’ve scored for nothing!
These lights were originally hung in a bank in the Durban cbd and he had a few laying around. After negotiations, I’ve scored 6 of these babies for nothing! They’d be perfect for the look we have going on for Niche, I’m thinking of having them sprayed black and suspending them from the ceiling! Can’t wait!
image image


Last week my trainer changed up my workouts by taking a suspension class! It involves lots of core strength and balance. Hopefully we can progress to a point where your body is completely inverted throughout the workout! 

Agility Durban offers suspension training and Pilates and they are based at the Design Factory off Umgeni road.

Besides a cool workout, the space is decorated in cool, calming tones. Completely zen! I spotted these geometric ornaments that I’ve been dying over for the longest time and can’t seem to find anywhere! Go to Agility Durban if you’re keen to check it out.



If you follow my blog, you’d know that I have a endless wish list for so many wants. We’ve been in our new place for almost 2 years now, the first year being lots of renovating and decorating. I must admit that as much as I don’t want to see another contractor ever, it was lots of fun once  they were out of sight and I got to do my thing. 

Things have been a bit quiet for this year as we visiting New York again this year and decided that we can’t do all things at once. That being said it hasn’t changed my wish list, but just putting things on hold for now. 

Lately I’ve been loving anything marble, I’ve been on the hunt for bathroom accessories and the like. These pics via Pinterest are just everything!