I’m a chair hoarder! I could just collect a room full of chairs if it were possible. These wishbone chairs having been popping up in all my feeds as of late and I love how classic they are. They work perfectly whether it be a dining room or boardroom, just love their versatility.




Finding Your Niche

Finally! Not sure if this counts, but the Niche guys have asked me to decorate their offices. Now if you remember in previous posts, decorating their offices has been a long time coming. Whether I was doing it or not, it was meant to be done years ago! As long as I have some Carte Blanche when it comes to the decorative decision making, I’m happy :-)

Niche is a creative digital agency, the clear message in the guys brief was that the space needs to reflect their brand, personalities, have a masculine aesthetic, but not overly so, and create an environment that allows a creative to thrive and enjoy being at work. Now, this space is gorgeous! Lots and lots of natural light, double volume ceilings and huge windows.

My first thought was that this has to be a space where the natural light and sense of openness NEEDS to be appreciated, less is definitely more here. Think industrial, with a touch of wood for masculinity, cognac leather and rugs for warmth. Indoor plants will also add some life.

Because the area is completely open plan with no partitioning, working areas need to be clearly defined and identified. They are divided into, staff workspace, a boardroom, management workspace and an informal seating area. Layout is extremely important in the sense that if a meeting is happening at the boardroom table, the staff would still need to be able to work unaffected. So, spaces will have to be defined, practical and pleasing to the eye.

That being said, these are some mood boards I’ve come up with so far!





Vamp It Up

At this first official post of 2015, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year! I’ve been on holiday and so has my blog, I’ve been feeling so guilty about not writing, but I’m back :-) I just had to write about visiting Vamp in Cape Town, Woodstock for me was filled with inspiration that I so needed!

After following Vamp Furniture on Instagram for the longest time, I was finally able to visit their store in Woodstock while in Cape Town.

I loved everything in sight! The style of furniture is very mid century modern and I could see so many pieces working in our space. I was very interested in a beautiful bookcase that would work perfectly, but was quickly reminded of our “priority” list, yes we have one, if your wish list is as long as mine, you NEED a priority list!