Here’s to 2015!


As I write this post we’re on holiday in Cape Town! I’ve been a bit MIA since the holiday season started and figured I should write one more post in 2014.

My 2014 New Years resolution was to start up my blog again and I can say that I have! This blog has just been a place for me to journal my thoughts on design whether it be furniture or decorative. Looking back in the years to come, would be would be interesting to see how my taste has evolved and changed.

Being in Cape Town has been a source of new inspiration and rejuvenation. I haven’t checked out everything and I’m feeling refreshed and inspired! Below are some of our holiday snaps:-)

Hope you’re 2015 is everything and more!


Cape Town, decor

Cape Town, decor, outside furniture

Jude’s Barn

It feels like the holidays are here already! I haven’t written a post because I’ve been on holiday mode now since mid November!

As you know, I’ve been on the hunt for one more dining chair to complete our mismatched dining look. I had been looking for a Bentwood chair, but changed my mind at the last minute for another spindle chair. This past weekend the hubster and I visited Jude’s Barn in Camperdown just before Pmb. My nail lady had initially told me about the place and we decided to have a look.. To say I’m gobsmacked is an understatement!

If ever, I mean ever you’re looking for that one particular piece and just can’t find it in the shops, or you’re looking for a more lived in aesthetic, this is the place!! There are rooms upon rooms of furniture, decorative items, garden furniture, whatever. I cannot stop gushing about this place. I needed at least 5 hours to scour through everything. I did find my Bentwood, but when I saw this blond Spindle chair I preferred it for our look we have going on.

If ever you’re in the area visit them, its definitely worth the drive. In other news, I have decided to sell the cafè style chairs we had initially, I’ve tried them elsewhere in the house, but I’m not feeling the look. So, their available for R600 for the pair