The Potting Shed

In my effort to start a succulent garden of sorts I visited The Potting Shed last week. My succulents quickly took a backseat as I ambled through this antique filled house. I’m not a huge French colonial fan, but this place is beautifully decorated with finds that the owner has sourced.

The house is filled with furniture to linens to pretty doorknobs. Eventually finding the outside nursery, I’m thinking about which pieces would work where instead of focusing on my task at hand. That being said, if you’re into French colonial decor, The Potting Shed is your rabbit hole :-)








White Out

I really admire people who can pull off an all white everything look. For me, just not possible or practical, living with a guy changes things :-) I reserved this look when I was single and would lap in the luxury of everything being pristine, clean and fresh. Although, for this post I tried being a little practical by throwing in the slip cover sofa, at least you can wash the covers right?


Out and About

I’ve spent most of last week and this weekend exploring, trying to find new spots to get some inspiration.

Patio and Outdoor in Hillcrest, I’d read about somewhere and I’ve been wanting to check it out for a while now. With us trying to add some character to our patch of grass, I thought this was the perfect spot. They have a mixture of garden furniture (lots of wrought iron that can almost look like it’s been in your garden forever, which I love!) and decorative items for outside. My pics aren’t the greatest, but check them out if you’re in the area!








Patio and Outdoor- Builders Way Centre, Builders Way, Hillcrest, 3610
031 765 5825

Is it ever done?

Is it ever done? Do we constantly need to be in a state of change, progress, renovate, rejuvenate? There are times when I ask myself what happens when all my renovating, decorating, accumulating is all done? Are you then content with the way things are?

We moved into our place a year ago and we’ve done lots. From redoing floors, ceilings, plumbing, decorative stuff to buying new furniture. Still, we aren’t nearly done, there’s always something to do. I can think of a time when we were in our little flat, things were all done in the sense that if we were to spend any more money, we would be over-invested in the property. I started becoming restless and in need of doing something creative. Can’t be sure if this was me trying to be creative or just the constant need to be busy.

At the moment we’re at a place where what’s needed in the household practically, is all done. There’s no issues with hating my kitchen, bathroom etc. The practical stuff. I have a love hate thing for everything to be done to my liking. Love that there’s always more to create, do, add…hate that it’s not all done yet. So, in effort to sometimes feel content and enjoy our space I’m trying to, very hard to:-) be more present with the now and that sometimes it’s okay for things to take a backseat while I do life.

Some work in progress pics of our reno.




Keeping it tidy

I’m not a parent, I don’t have kids, but here’s my two cents. Ever feel like you can’t walk into an @Home or Weylandts or the like? The perception is that these stores and furniture aren’t kid friendly enough, there’s just too much white going on, or just ridiculously expensive. So you opt for the more affordable alternative that feels a bit better when you walk into the store.

I decided to write this post because the husband and I are at that stage where we need to start thinking about having kids or not. People who know me knows that I’m into well designed interiors, furniture, whatever and sometimes it may come off as not kid friendly. This for me is the no compromise if we do decide to have a baby. So, I’ve decided to do a round up of well designed furniture and decorative items that is easy on the eye, while being family suited.


1. I love that the sofa is still on trend and classic. The shade of blue also happens to be kid friendly :-)
2. What I love about these throw pillows is that have a playfulness about them. They would look good on a child’s room as well as your couch!
3. The pencil leg coffee table is my favorite! It resembles a drawing table and doubles as a coffee adding family warmth to a space.
4. This bookcase in white is on trend and serves as a display unit too. I’ve added in the basket for extra storage space, should come in really handy especially for a quick tidy up.