Summer Loving

My goal for this summer is to spend time on our little patch of grass. That means braaing, tanning and sipping cocktails :-)

We’ve finally found the man for the job. This weekend we visited a joinery with access to every kind of wood I can dream of :-) I’ve been looking for a talented carpenter for a while now. Someone who can make up bookcases, shelving, garden furniture and the like. Coupled with a friend who specializes in welding and metal work, I have my garden furniture, cannot wait!




On my wish list

It’s a given that most furniture designers I’m into are always Swedish. The Collect cabinet by Swedish furniture designer Sara Larsson has been on my wish list for the last 3 years. It’s a storage cabinet with leather doors, it’s gorgeous! Larsson started furniture company A2 in 2008 with her architect sister and they make even the simplest furniture amazing!



Flower Power


Now don’t get this wrong, I am no gardener, I have absolutely no green in my fingers! I love to try, but I probably have the least amount of patience when it comes to watching grass grow. But, huge but, flowers are such a simple and sometimes cost effective way to brighten up a space. Going into summer means that we have so many options available. That being said, having flowers in the home is usually seen as a luxury item and it’s one of the niceties that usually come off the grocery list during the middle of the month.

However, by being smarter, your flowers can last you up to two weeks depending on the type and a bit of tlc. Personally, I’m not a flowers kinda girl, I mean yes as women we love to receive flowers from our significant other, but I’d much rather have the chocolates thank you very much! I did however make an effort with flowers around the house during winter to add some colour to the dreary winter months. Nevertheless, I’ve made a list of pointers that may be of help..

1. Long stemmed flowers are usually more expensive, look at denser, shorter and bigger bunches, that way you can separate them into smaller vases.

2. Flowers don’t need to be displayed in expensive vases. Rummage in cupboards and look for jars, jugs old teapots that you no longer use, they make for great arrangements.

3. I envy you if you have a great garden! Your garden is a great source of pretty flowers that don’t cost a cent.

4. Personally, I love dividing a bunch of flowers between a bevy of old jam jars. A bouquet that costs R30, makes for flowers in my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom!






Pillow Talk

I’ve always been a sucker for throw pillows. We moved house a year ago and I had new ones made all round. Going into summer I’m so tempted into getting new summery shades. However, with trying to recycle and restyle, I’ve been switching up each room by swopping pillows around.

I did find these amazing pillows from Thandana though! What’s cool is that each pillow features two fabrics, this means changing things up more often, if you’re like me who’s constantly rearranging. More bang for your buck I’d say!


4 Sale

Hey guys, thought I’d write this quick post. Yes, I’m still on my dining chair tip. I’ve been looking online for a second chair. The second hand dealer from my bargain hunting on Saturday, suggested I look online first before going via an auction. Makes sense I guess, going to the seller first, cutting out the middle man. Turns out most sellers advertise on Gumtree and Bid or Buy for us South Africans first, before going the route of an auction. I’ve had absolutely no luck thus far, which is why I’m writing this post. Nonetheless, here are some pointers when looking to purchase secondhand furniture online.

1. Always visit a reputable site, with decent pictures quality people!

2. I always try to check the sellers background on the actual site. Look for previous sales, and also a review if that’s possible.

3. Know what you’re looking for, meaning if it’s a specific table, or whatever, try to get a name to identify that particular style. It just makes the elimination process that much easier. Chances are, a seller that labels their furniture for sale correctly, could be more credible and know what they talking about.

4. That being said, some people don’t necessarily know if they’re sitting on a gold mine, take advantage of that. It seems mean, I know, but we’re looking for a bargain here.

5. Lastly, I try and stick to what is in my immediate surroundings, sometimes impossible I know, but a viewing before purchasing would be nice.

I love my new Windsor chair, now just for the sanding and painting!