Spring in your step


We’re almost in Spring! Can’t believe this year has gone so fast. Spring always seems like a fresh start, you know, cleaning the slate. Whether it’s spring cleaning, de cluttering or just getting rid of excess.

When it comes to decor, I generally don’t do much transitioning to the warmer months. Maybe just getting rid of throws and blankets. Our house is filled with colour all year round, just adding new fresh flowers, especially the variety that summer brings is enough to spruce things up :-)

Below are some cool and inexpensive ways to add a bit of spring to your home. I love that throw pillows can add pops of colour immediately, desk lamps also work well, plus they are a less expensive way to spice things up. What about rearranging a bookshelf? Arranging your bookshelf in hues is also a cool way to add colour without spending a cent. Lastly, plants have a way of rounding off a room nicely, it is spring after all!


Open Sesame


This is the door that started it all, saw it on my way home and couldn’t resist to stop and take a pic :-)


And thiiiiss, is our door! Maybe white works?

Loooove this idea of painting our front door! My husbands not interested in painting at all, thinks it not priority. I think this is an affordable way to instantly add some colour and character to our entrance. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do in minutes!






I’m always on the look out for inspiration to keep things fresh. Staying inspired can be hard, but I have this personal fear of being complacent. It seems a bit shallow, especially in this context with something as simple as a bedside table, but this extends in all areas of my life.

So, back to this post. I’m always trying to change up my bedside table. Whether it’s with pretty flowers, books, trinkets..just to change it up a bit. What’s happening on your bedside table? My beside is shown above, but I do I love these examples below!





Le Stripes

I may be a little obsessed with monochrome and all things grey lately. Though I’m really a fan of design that’s more structured, minimal and uncluttered, I still really love a bit of cosiness.

I’ve put this look together with the striped rug being the focal point, plus I’ve mentioned that I loooove stripes! The colourful throw pillows makes light on the structure while the lumbar pillow adds some texture. I’m currently a huge fan of these pencil leg coffee tables and they also just add a bit of playfulness. Hope you like :-)


What’s for Breakfast?


I’ve mentioned in a previous post that husband dearest spoiled me with Le Creuset cookware earlier this year. The main reason was that we had changed over to a gas oven and the stainless steel cookware I had, did not do very well with the extreme heat. The second reason was that one, since we’ve been married I haven’t gotten round to getting a decent set, and two, they super pretty!

So, after all of this, it turns out that I have to switch to silicone utensils to get the most out of my cast iron set. Who says utensils can’t be cool, check out the coolest egg lifter I found at a store in Hilton. Below are my picks from Yuppie Chef.