Mint Condition


So, I’ve decided to start some look posts, you know flat sets of different rooms and looks. Who knows maybe these will come in handy for you? I just thought instead of just posting inspiration and my home looks, getting some practical looks together could help with putting looks together in your space :-)

This look is probably inspired by how I would change up our living room if I had the chance. The main focus is working around the cowhide trend that I absolutely adore! I think what I love most about this look is the play on different greys, you can change up your colour palette very easily working with grey as your base. Also, making use of different textures and materials make things interesting. For example the marble on the coffee table, wooden tripod lamp and the wire stool. These are all different materials that work really well together. Hope you like?

Lucky Boy Sunday

I love, love, love this brand! I’ve been looking everywhere to try and find them online for the longest time now. Lucky boy Sunday is a playful take on soft furnishings in home ware. Their range is made up of playful pillows, blankets and knitted kids toys. Their Danish, naturally, and the brands designers are very talented textile designers. What I love most is how the brand goes between the adult world and childhood and somehow brings it all together in the coolest way. So, you have an ideal that you’re kid’s favorite blanky or pillow looks amazing on your couch! The perfect in between.


Le Stripes


I’m a stripe lover! They are so versatile and freshen up any space without even trying. This is probably one of the most classic prints and it never gets old. Stripes range from my wardrobe to linens and wherever I can squeeze them in. Just had to put out some striped inspiration :-)

image image image image

Garden Cool

Does garden furniture have to be sooo expensive?! I mean granted the materials used is designed to protect your furniture from the elements for years to come, but still. The plan is to finish inside then go outside, this doesn’t stop me from looking though :-)

Found these really cool pieces at Inside Out, expensive, but so worth it.
I’ve always wanted the worn in weathered feel for our garden area, furniture that blends well with foliage and doesn’t mind taking a beating from the elements.

One of these lounges would do for me! Our little patch is small, but I can see some tanning happening in the summer!






They had two different table tops, one concrete and one timber, can’t decide which one I like best.

image image


I have such a long list of things to do around our house, it’s not even funny. I love the idea of a constant work in progress to feed creativity. I must admit, when we lived in our little one bedroom, once all the possible renovations were done I missed getting creative. This is why I constantly look for ways to change things up.

That being said, this is probably at the very end of our list of things to do but we have this enclosed wrap around balcony. I really would like for it to be a chill spot in the house. What’s cool is that because it’s enclosed it should come in really handy during winter, if only we had seating! But yes, it’s a really cool area where you still feel like you’re outside but inside. So, I’ve been on the hunt for these really cool leather beanbags/poufs. They have a super relaxed feel, without looking like a typical bean bag. Don’t know if you remember this post I did on patterned tiles for this area, but these would make for an amazing combo!







These wire stools have always been hanging around in the back of my head. Every so often I think, maybe it’s worth buying at least two. Come to think about it, they are super versatile. At this stage we could use them as side tables, while sitting outside as a seat for an extra guest or just as a table. Found these stools at Inside Out on Windermere over the weekend. They not quite the style that I’m looking for but still really pretty.