Motivational posts seems so cliche’ I know, but for some reason today this feels relevant to me. I’ve been trying to up my game on the blog. As a blogger you can become complacent and that’s usually because you feel uninspired and as a result not motivated to blog. As a rule I hate becoming stagnant and not progressing. Here I’m not just talking about blogging, but my day job, working out, my relationships, all of it. To overcome this, I try to immerse myself in areas that I’m interested in to try and stay current and relevant.

Hence I was introduced to Skillshare by my husband. Skillshare is an online learning community in all sorts of areas and offer loads of online courses to improve and hone your skills. So, I’ve been doing a course called Interior Styling and it’s been really fun and interesting so far. I’m no designer or anything, so this was for me more improving my blog, whether it be the quality of my pictures, improving my eye for all things pretty, and just making the experience for you, my reader more pleasant.

This post seems a bit long winded now, but all I’m trying to say is that we all get in the way of our own hopes and dreams. I can speak for myself here when I say that I know what I need to do to get where I want to be. Sometimes I just need to move out of my own way.


To Bed


Who doesn’t love getting into a cool, crisp bed?

I don’t know what it is about linens right now, it may be because I’m busy decorating our guest bedroom, but I’m in love with bed linens right now. I’m talking beautiful rough linen, that’s just pure luxury and worth every cent.

If it’s one thing I really don’t mind spending some extra cash on, it’s definitely good linen. Woolies for for me have a really good range in both their Country Road and Studio W ranges. They a bit pricier than your usual, but so worth it.




Our moody grey bedroom :-)


Out and About


Saturday’s are my favorite day of the week, the mornings mainly. I love being out early and just taking in our city. Life in the week is just so busy and there’s no time to sit and reflect or do the things you really want to do. So, I figured I’d write a post when I’m doing things I love most and Saturday mornings are one of those things.

If you don’t know, now you know, I’m a huge tea lover, my morning is never complete without a good cuppa. Parc in Glenwood has the most amazing breakfasts, and their bread is sourced from the Glenwood Artisan Bakery next door. What’s cool is that they try and source all ingredients and produce from the immediate area in support of local business. Their bread is just amazing, period. Try them out on a Saturday morning, but get there early, they get super busy.



We were were actually looking for poofs for the enclosed balcony and naturally I wound up in Weylandts. Didn’t find any poofs, but this store always has me leaving with new inspiration.




And then for some new inspiration, Country Road has opened at Gateway and I’m in love!! Talk about leaving my credit card at home when I walk in here! Found the perfect linen for the guest bedroom, which I’m plotting for our bedroom. Been trying to convince myself all day on how much we need it and just can’t do without it. This adds yet another store to the banning list at month ends, I can’t deal!






G’s up

I’ve been in love with typeface prints for the last couple of months now. Only thing is we can’t get them here, and to import it costs a fortune! Luckily I have a designer for a husband and he whipped me up this perfect G, in helvetica of course:-). Yet another addition to our growing gallery wall.





Being requested to blog on a topic is a tough one. A good friend of mine asked that I blog on feature walls. So, I’ve done some research and these are just some ideas and inspiration..

Feature walls are a great way to introduce a splash of colour in a room, and add some personality. We painted a bold splash of indigo blue in our dining area. I must say in the beginning it was such a dilemma choosing a colour! Paint doesn’t come cheap either, and sometimes the shade on the colour swatch, is totally different to what it looks like painted on a wall. These are some steps we we took before deciding on a colour:

– Firstly, clear your mind of all trends that might be in now, remember, you want a space that’s timeless.

– Once you’ve chosen a focal colour(in our case indigo blue), think about which colours will compliment it. If possible, check out Pinterest for a great source of inspiration. The .

– When thinking of your colour, look at what you currently have in the room. Your choice should enhance the current furniture or decor you have. There’s nothing worse than discovering after the fact, that your style isn’t complimentary.

– Get to a hardware store and try and match the colours you want to their colour swatches. We actually bought samples first, before making our decision in which paint to buy.

– Samples are a good way of testing the colour on the wall, before making your decision. We tested samples on a white wall, just to make sure it’s the right colour.

– Finally, paint, paint, paint!!

As much as this sounds like a task, it was all worth it in the end. The rest of the walls in the adjacent kitchen and lounge areas are all white, so the dark blue pops rather nicely. We’re pretty happy with the result, now for getting something cool to hang on it :-)




The white combination makes this colour pop more.


Yay or Nay?

I’ve been seeing these Moroccan rugs everywhere online. After doing a bit of research I found out they actually called Beni Ourain rugs, originally made by the women of Morocco. I’m not really sold on them, but they starting to warm up on me. Not sure if this is because I’ve been seeing them everywhere or not. I’m into trends and evolving, but at the same time not to get onto every bandwagon. What do you think?