Bathroom Quirk

Our bathroom is one area that we haven’t done a single thing to. I’ve been looking for ways to make it our own. Here are some ideas to personalize your space.

– These ledges have been on my radar for a while now and I’ve finally found some on Stokperd, by Monya Eastman a local Cape Town furniture designer. They are perfect for storage or display! They should be making an appearance soon :-)



– Even though we don’t have the space, but wire baskets add texture, while at the same time free’s up space in your linen cupboard for towels and the like.


– This Red Cross medicine chest just does it for me, it’s bold but understated. A quick DIY fix is to update your existing medicine chest by painting on a Red Cross with appropriate paint.

– Flowers! Anywhere, on your vanity, bath…they just brighten any space.


Favorite gallery walls

I simply love gallery walls. They just add so much character to a space and makes things interesting.

If you’re a collector like I am, start collecting pieces that means something to you. It’s such a cool way to grow your gallery wall with prints/images that will mean something in years to come. My gallery wall still needs some work, but the process of adding to it is so much fun!




This is ours, slowly coming along :-)



For the love of sheepskin


I’ve been obsessing over getting a sheepskin rug for the longest time. Now that I’ve finally found one on my travels, I can’t settle on where to put it. The options are endless. Thought that I was convinced I’d put it on the floor next to our bed, now I my OCD tendencies don’t want it getting dirty!

I’m still so undecided on where to style it, keep changing my mind about it all the here are some of my options..





Decisions Decisions

I found the prettiest wallpaper choices for the spare room reno today! Just can’t seem to make up my mind.

Globetrotter in pink, love this print, but would definitely go with the blue.


Globetrotter in blue, my fav!

This one’s called Hula, I’m so torn! Hula would definitely be more a feature wall, only whereas globetrotter in blue I’d wallpaper the whole room for better impact.

This print I saw a while ago, I’m not too sure about this one yet..


Wythe Hotel Inspiration


I love owning a home that’s bigger than a matchbox! Working with a bigger space means that the list if things to do are endless, in a good way :-)

We currently have a vacant room, which we finally decided to be a spare room. I can’t wait to start on it, so I’m currently playing with some ideas. The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn is somewhere I’ve always wanted to stay. The architecture and interiors are amazing!

The building used to be a factory and has been restored to this beautiful 70 room boutique hotel. I am so in love with these rooms, that I’ve decided I’m doing just that in our spare room, just bummed that I didn’t think of this when we decorated our room!!