Tulip Love

I have a bit of a thing about well designed chairs. It’s sort of like a girl with shoes and handbags, you can never have enough.

I’ve had this obsession with Eero Saarinen’s Tulip chairs for a few years now and it’s at a point now where they have to be mine! I’ve finally found an online store based in Cape Town that make them. They’re obviously not originals, but still amazing. Now I’m thinking of changing two of our existing dining chairs (they are terribly discoloured) with these babies.





Don’t you love getting new stuff? We’ve decided that 2014 is the year for travel, and renovating is taking a backseat. I’m always so tempted and just can’t help myself!

We’ve started a collage wall in our living room, and this print by Hey! was just perfect. Hey is this really cool design studio from Barcelona, that I found on my Instagram feed and I love their work. Finding prints online is a super cool way to find one of a kind pieces. This was my first time buying prints online, and it certainly won’t be the last. How cool are these sailboats?!



Always on Trend?

I love trends, I love change, I love change of season, whether it be decor or fashion, whatever. However, I’m not a lover of being “on trend” all the time. Don’t get me wrong, some trends are timeless and classic, those I keep, but certain things just lose their sense of style once a season is over.

I’ve always maintained that I hate the idea of being “locked” into a particular look, especially if it means changing almost every element of a room, once I’m over it. For example, we need a bookcase, and if you know me, I have to cover every aspect of finding the perfect one. I simply love the gold accent trend at the moment, but I KNOW I’m going to get over it soon and move on to the next. The metal and wood combo in a previous post also is quite trendy right now.

However, I’m trying to incorporate different textures and wood in our place and this bookcase, I think will stand the test of time, especially the weathered look of the wood.


The Italian Job

I’m writing this post from Livigno Italy! This has been one of the most fun packed holidays ever! Livigno is a little town on the Italian Alps that borders Switzerland. I’ve never been skiing, so it’s been a experience of a lifetime. To actually be able to ski, is like acquiring a new skill, it’s insane! At the beginning of the trip I really thought there was no way I’d be able to ski by the end of the week, but our instructors were that good and really motivational. We’ve been skiing, skidooing, tobogganing, it’s been crazy!

Besides the skiing, this town is mainly a resort and it’s currently in its busiest season. The whole area is duty/tax free, so shopping is amazing. Although, I must say that what you shop for is very limiting. I mean it’s like one big duty free store, so the likes of fragrances, chocolates, liquor etc etc. Because it’s Italy though, I got some really nice wine, coffee and I’m looking at getting some cheese to bring home. Not sure how I’ll manage to keep it fresh in my luggage though.

The buildings here are mainly log cabin like, with shutters on every window. So, it’s very quaint and picturesque. We did visit St Mortiz in Switzerland, and that was also amazing, with beautiful architecture and alleys everywhere. I finally found a sheepskin for our bedroom! So excited to see how I can style it once I get home. I do miss home though, two more days, can’t wait to get home!












A la Le Creuset

I’m so excited to be writing this review! As you guys know, we’ve moved house and I had to get used to cooking on a gas stove top. I’ve had these cheap pots since Rory and I started dating and they’ve lasted me this long, they did really well considering.

With gas though, because they’re stainless steel, they heat up too quickly, food starts burning if you look away for a second, and I’m not one of those people that love to babysit their food while it’s cooking. So, after a cooking class a couple of months ago, the chef suggested going cast iron with Le Creuset as a better option for cooking on gas. As you know, they cost a fortune!

My goal was to buy them one at a time, the lady at the store told me that’s what most people do anyway. On Saturday I went with Rory, I just couldn’t pick a colour on my own :-) Out we walked with three, my husband thinks you just have to do things properly, I’m so spoilt!

Finally, the reason I’m writing this. So far so good, I’ve used all three pots. The cast iron is quite heavy to use, but the heat is evenly distributed so the pot doesn’t heat up on the sides as well. Also, because of the thickness, you are able to cook at lower temperatures. I think the only negative so far is that the handles heat up, so having to use oven gloves to hold the pot is a bit annoying. Unless I’ve had the flame up to high..The non stick frying pan, is amazing to use, it’s actually nonstick. We’ll see how long that lasts, but it’s awesome right now.

All in all, I’m very happy with the decision to go cast iron! Plus they look gorgeous :-)