Stick it!

Wallpaper has always fascinated me, it’s so decisive and bold. Sort of like saying, “This is my decision and I’m sticking to it!”, excuse the pun.

But yes, in my head it’s always an option, but I’ve always found it too permanent and never followed through. With our new place, we have a spare bedroom and I WILL be experimenting with wallpaper finally. I love these ideas.





The Cross Blanket

My husband is currently in Sweden, and I’m missing out. If you know me well, then you know that I love Scandinavian design and interiors! So, yes it’s crap that I can’t be there with him. So I had told him that he simply HAS to bring something home, you can’t go all the way there and not come back with anything!

I took a chance and asked that he locate the Pia Wallen store, because I simply NEED the Cross Blanket from her collection. Only to give him the address of their studio (they don’t have a store and don’t sell to the public) and lo and behold he manages to get one in orangge and take a pic with the designer!! I’m so bummed, but ecstatic! He got me the mini blanket, they are sooo expensive. Still gorgeous right?!



Decked Out

We now have a garden *I have a blank stare on my face while writing this*, and I’m not much of a gardener and neither is my husband. So, I’m left to my own devices when it comes to this little sliver of land. My husband however, does have an opinion when it comes to decking it out, and I’m not talking about the actual plants here.

As you can see in the pic below, we have about 20 squares of space to beautify, so I’ve been wracking my brain with ideas. I probably shouldn’t even be thinking of filling out this space, seeing that we don’t have a stitch of furniture in our spare bedroom. A girl can dream I guess. Anyway, I’m so in loooooove with these American deck chairs and I HAVE to have them come hell or high water. Aren’t they just amazing?



All hail the Butterfly chair, aka the wing chair, aka the safari chair, aka the sling chair. I have been scrounging the internet, trying to find the name of this chair I have to have! Designed in 1938 in Buenos Aires by Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy the Butterfly Chair has received numerous accolades and is a perfect example of timeless design.

Five years ago on honeymoon in Mauritius, there was this chill area under the stars filled with about 15 of these babies in white. I’ve been in love ever since and vowed to have them when we find the perfect space.




Like New!

So shoot me, who does a DIY before and after post with no before pics? Me. Yes I forgot to take the before pic, my blogging skills are down the toilet. This project had blogpost all over it! Anyway, what’s the use crying over spilt milk.

Back to the actual reason for posting. This chest of drawers has come along way, I bought it years ago from an auctioneer. It’s one of those dark wood varnished ones, the ones you would normally find in your granny’s house. Rory hated it from the get go, I however loved it and it now has sentimental value. I suppose also because I scored it at R200. Painting it has been on my list of things to do for a while now and I decided to get it done during the December holidays. But, as you know with this sweltering December heat, I could NOT bring myself to start sanding, so my DIY turned out to be an “assisted DIY” with the help of Vincent our painter. If ever you need painting done, Vincent is brilliant!

Below is a list of what I needed for the job:
– a drop cloth or plastic to protect your surface
– oil based wood primer
– sandpaper
– a cloth for cleaning
– your wood paint of choice, I used Velvaglo
– a plastic tray, maybe get two trays instead of one, for the paint and primer respectively
– small foam rollers
– masking tape

All these items I purchased at one hardware store.