So far so good

Things are getting pretty exciting now! Our new house is finally in the process of being registered, and soon we’ll be homeowners for the second time. I honestly cannot wait to launch myself into all the planning and decorating. So far, we’ve received our couch that we’ve been deliberating over for so long. Initially we were going to get rid of our current one, but I’m thinking, recovering it may be a better idea.

Please excuse the back round, it’s currently sitting in Rory’s parents garage waiting for the big move, check it out :-)



Cool Grey’s

For the longest time now, I’ve been into grey’s. I mean, every single grey colour palette. I think it’s just purely because grey is such a cool base colour and is just so versatile. So, for our new place we’ll be mixing up a slate grey with white window frames and coloured door frames. I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I have it all figured out in my head.

Check out these cool grey palettes!





Bella & Boo

So frozen yoghurt stands have been popping up all over the city. It seems to be the craze right now..I remember the old days of Aylesbury frozen yoghurt that was delicious without adding all sorts of sweets, nuts and the like. Being a frozen yoghurt fan, I’ve tried a few myself, and the best by far is Marcelle’s stand at Gateway. Second to that is Bella & Boo on Windermere, this partly because of the way the store looks :-). Besides the delicious yoghurt, this store is a palette of lumo pink and my favorite grey! The look is this modern/eco/retro mix that just looks so effortless.

As far as store fronts go, this is definitely one of my favourite spaces.20130217-202145.jpg20130217-202423.jpg




Home Sweet Home

After all the searching for the perfect home for Rory and I, we’ve finally found it!! As you know I’m not the yard and white picket fence type. I much rather prefer city living, with a rooftop garden as my backyard. I think after visiting NYC last year, we’ve pretty much confirmed that that is what we want. I’m so lucky to have a partner that feels exactly the same way. I mean who’s to say you HAVE TO HAVE this yard, pool, picket fence and a Labrador running a mock?!

I digress, anyway, this place is the perfect in-between of loft like living with a garden area, a deck with a view and a spare room with a balcony. Another plus is that its mostly open plan, perfect for some Scandinavian inspired rooms! What I love most is the three “outside chilling areas” that are in different areas of the house. Sooo, the next few months will be filled with posts of a work in progress, not that I don’t already know exactly what I want! Can’t wait, we are so excited for a new beginning :-)

Biker Chic

Like most girls, I sometimes get caught into current trends, as much as I try not to be typical, some pieces just grab me. My latest have to have is a pair of leather skinnies, love them and they soo versatile! The pic below are skinnies from Anine Bing (they are at $700 dollars a pop!). It looks like I’ll have to start hunting locally. I think it’s a bit to warm for Durban right now, but that gives me plenty time to get ready for our “winter”:-)

By the way, I’m currently blogging from my new ipad 4! Just thought I’d brag a bit:-))