Wedding Bells

This is so strange that I’m blogging more when I have so much to do before the year’s over. I’ve had a blog block for the longest time and was really frustrated and not inspired at all. No, actually I realized that I want to blog more about design as a whole, whether it be interiors, fashion, architecture or whatever inspires me. So, in future you will be seeing a more variety of posts on my blog. This is my space right?!

Anyway, that was just me venting, but onto more important things. I’m bridesmaid for two weddings during December, one for a girlfriend and a maid of honor for my baby sister. So, I’m one bridal shower down and one more to throw for my sis. Hers is a high tea inspired bridal shower and I’m doing all the decor, naturally:-). The party will be at a cafe/tea garden so there’s not much to do. These are the ideas I love so far!






Trend Alert: Chevron

For those of you that aren’t on the band wagon yet, there’s still time. The chevron trend is here to stay, and even though I don’t like following obvious trends, I’m swept away by the chevron. I love everything chevron right now, from walls to rugs to throw pillows, you name it. Looks like I’m going to succumb!






Pinterest Picks

I spend so much time on Pinterest it’s not even funny. So, I’ve decided to do a Pinterest Picks post every so often I come across something really cool, whether it be interiors or fashion, or whatever.
Anyway, how cool are these boyfriend jeans?! If there’s one item of clothing I hate shopping for, it’s jeans. It just takes too long and the process is painstakingly excruciating for me what with being a curvy girl.

So I’ll just swoon on these ladies:-)


New Additions

I may have a thing for throw pillows. Every so often I get tired of the ones I have and have a need to replace them. Because of the new couch we waiting for, I’ve made it may mission to find the perfect ones. It’s not that I’m one of those people that have a million throw pillows on the couch or bed. It’s just that I love ones that are unique and not mass produced. So I’ve been scouring Etsy for cool ones, only to find them locally from The Nest!

Now I’ve previously gotten the coolest pillows from Re-Store when they had a store and I think they’ve now become The Nest and you can buy online! I got these baby’s yesterday, how cool are they?!


And so it begins!

We’ve decided to start house hunting a while ago, and up until now there’s been no progress. I’m beginning to think we’re never going to find exactly what we want. So, in the mean time I’ve decided to start tackling a more immediate eyesore in our home; the peeling leather (actually pleather! We were duped as first time leather couch buyers a few years ago) couch.

I’ve previously blogged about finding the perfect in-front-of-the-tv-cuddling-but-chic couch, so this is a process I really enjoy. Our current couch, in retrospect was the wrong fabric, size and lacked comfort, mind you it looked amazing new. This time I’ve researched couches to some extent, in terms of length, depth (for comfy sleeping) and chicness.

The pic below is exactly what I want and it’s an amazing blue/aqua/silverish hue! I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned getting an ottoman made by Leisure Lounge, but they are the bees knees. You get to choose your fabric, legs, design, the whole shebang. We only get our order delivered end of January, but here’s to hoping I can start redecorating soon:-)