Just Lounging

So everyone knows how much I’m in love with Danish lounge chairs right? Well, the guys at Niche have found some really cool ones at Eclectic on Florida road for their new offices. I’m sooo jealous, need these babies in my life. In the mean time, I’ve been hunting for fabric to get some cushions covered for them, so far the guys are leaning to fire engine red, like the one in the pic below!



Work in progress

I know! I’ve been a terrible blogger as of late. I’m just finding it really hard to separate myself from having a job in sales and trying to find inspiration at the same time. Anyway, I’m currently busy with the Niche guys in decorating their office. This is sort of my first real project outside of my home. I’ve blogged about the look and feel for the office in my previous post, but now we’ve actually decided on a final look and started scouting furniture, decor and the like.

The space is quite big and with a limited budget, we have to make it seem “lived in” from the get go. We’ve decided to go with a look that is modern with retro accents throughout. However, we didn’t decide on a particular colour theme, but rather to keep the palette clean and white with pops of colour. This also eliminates the “locked” in feel of a look. These are some of the mood boards I’ve created.