The NSA Art Gallery

I know I’ve said this numerous times, but I could seriously live in some restaurants! I’ve mentioned Market and LaBella in previous posts, so its no surprise that the NSA in Glenwood makes my list too:-)

I love the wood industrial feel of this restaurant, the wood slats are just amazing. The art gallery on the loft area is probably one of the main reasons why I find this space so appealing. Why can’t we find a house like this?!






Top this

I have this thing that I do.. You know how you dream about winning the lotto and deciding exactly how you would go about spending your riches right down to the last cent? Well, I do that when I think about how our dream house will look like. So for the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about kitchen countertops.. I know it’s a bit silly, but I think I have it down to what my options are already :-)

I’m thinking granite, although tried and trusted, is a bit tired. So… my options are quartz, wood(like butcher block), stainless steel, marble and concrete.






All things grey

My posts have been few and far between, this is mainly because we’ve decided to stop all spending on our place. We’ll be looking to move house soon and then I can throw myself into a project, I can’t wait! I prefer posting about what’s going on in my life and not just reblogging. So, this is why my posting has been a little slow. Anyway, according to my husband (which makes sense) there is no point on focusing on decor in our place because it’s just a waste of money and my taste might change in a new place. At this point, we have a “leather” couch in our place that’s about eight years old, and literally started to peel. What I’ve learned from this is NEVER to buy “leather” unless it’s the real deal!

So, it looks like we are stuck with this couch until we move out..I’ve decided to focus on the prettiness around the house, new linen, curtains etc. I’m still so obsessed with all things grey and in a previous post I’ve shown you guys our grey and blue bedroom. So, to keep myself sane I’m changing up our bedroom a bit. This is some of my inspiration.