Princess in the forest

So, I’ve decided to do a continuation on the little girls bedroom ideas. My inspiration probably comes from watching too much Babar as a child! I mean who didn’t love Babar? This is the kind of bedroom for an inquisitive little girl. Anything’s possible in the forest, being a princess, getting to know all the animals, being an Alice in wonderland.

The cool thing about being in a forest is that colour is not specific. I’m thinking grey and a muted green walls, with forest decals on one feature wall. The decals are stickers, which is so cool because they are easy to replace. With the walls being grey and green, and furniture that is classic and timeless, this bedroom will transition to a big girls room without having to spend the earth. This is what I’ve come up with..






Say When

How do you know when it’s time to replace that ancient microwave, or that crusty kettle? Most people see buying appliances as once off purchases, not really thinking about their lifespan. I must say that I sometimes do fall into that category. When I come to think of it, I focus on updating and replacing all the prettiness around the house. This would include(and I’m talking about medium to large budget purchases here) things like a new coffee table, tv stand, couch, etc.

It’s strange that even though some smaller kitchen appliances also made my list of once off purchases. I mean really now, most people are able to replace a kettle, microwave, toaster etc, they are so affordable these days. Yet these are items that almost never make the list, in fact our microwave is from my student days, it’s probably about 8 years old! There’s nothing wrong with it, in fact it works perfectly. However, shouldn’t my desire for all things pretty and cool also transcend in the kitchen? I’m the kinda person that loves the ever changing and evolving of tastes and trends, this is more evident though in all the pretty things we own.

This brings me to the question again, when is it time to replace or update your appliances?