Bedrooms are for dreaming!

I’ve been asked to come up with some ideas for little girls’ bedrooms. To be honest, this is slightly out of my comfort zone and I always end up worrying that the next person may not like my ideas. But here goes..

So this little girl loves all things pretty and pink. With toddlers growing into different phases so quickly, I thought that this should be a little girls dream bedroom with the ability to become a little big girls bedroom when it needs to be. You know, investing into pieces that are girly and timeless, no matter how old she is. It will be a space that as a girl you love to spend hours at a time playing, reading, dreaming and just enjoy spending time with just you. As a big girl, it will be a retreat, a sanctum, a space that sparks creativity.

Im still so in love with all things grey and think this will be a pretty combination with pink! I’m thinking soft pink walls, a dove grey feature wall with white wall decals. I’m hoping this would result in a simple, uncluttered, but cosy room. These are the pieces I’ve collected so far.






Air your laundry!

Being married to a guy(not that I’d be married to a girl), sometimes comes with its challenges. Not that this really applies to my husband, he’s kinda good in the domestics. But sometimes it’s like the laundry basket in our bedroom doesn’t exist at all. Actually, I’m probably exaggerating here(he’s gonna kill me), but I’m talking about the few times this does happen.

What is up with men and their clothes not finding the laundry basket? All we asking here is to put it IN the basket, not NEXT to it. These are some cool laundry basket solutions I’ve found.






To be or not to be

Rory and I have been toying with the idea of finding a new place. How do you know when the time is right to move on? I mean we love our current place, other than the size, we are really happy here. But I’m beginning to think it’s time to move. These are just some of the issues that’s becoming a bit of a problem:

– We live in a building of 12 units, a very small block. Most of the other owners are elderly and the last thing on their bucket list is to renovate a building that is in need of a major facelift. This is something that will definitely add value to our property.
-The area we live in is very close to a varsity and technikon, so you can imagine the student feel of the area! This will probably be a plus if we decide to keep our place and rent it out instead.
– Our place is a one bedroom flat, and like I’ve said in previous posts, we are beginning to feel a bit claustrophobic.

These are our main concerns and then there’s the problem of, do we sell and find a new place, or do we rent out our place and buy a new place. Renting out our place will come with the headache of finding suitable tenants that will maintain our flat. This is such a tough decision!!

There are definitely pros and cons to whichever avenue we take, let’s hope we go with the right one!

Landing Strips

I’ve always admired a space with a landing strip. I think this is a area that says a lot about the person. This part of our place I’ve neglected and I’ve just realized it’s just as important as the rest of our house. A landing strip is probably one of the most practical parts in terms of walking into your house, finding place to put your keys, mail, umbrella and the like.

So I’ve decided a cool landing strip is my next project. I’ve found some cool ideas online. I really like the idea of a landing table, mirror (last minute checks and all that), key holder, maybe a clock, some hooks and maybe an umbrella holder. This is how far I’ve come :-)




I’ve been slacking on my posts lately, and it’s mainly due to my job. Must admit I find it very hard to stay inspired and focus on work. It’s hard to focus on work and home and a blog, we don’t even have kids yet!

Anyway, I go away for work once a month for two nights and stay at this amazing boutique hotel in Newcastle. Just had to share how beautiful this place is, even if it’s Newcastle!