Living La Bella

Last week I took Rory to La Bella for a birthday lunch. I now officially have a thing for setting up house in a restaurant! First Market, now La Bella. Restaurants have a cool way of bringing the outside in. La Bella is not as beautiful as Market, but is completely open plan downstairs and has a loft and balcony upstairs. Being the forward coloured person that I am, I whipped out my camera and took these!







I am simply in love with these single arm chairs! After I got over swooning, I decided to do some research on where I can get me one of these babies. Surprise surprise, they are Swedish teak lounge chairs! Have to say its not fair that once again the Swedes get it so right!





All the trimmings

So, we might be selling our place this year! That leaves the daunting task of buying a new place though, bleh. It’s not that I won’t love the hunting process, I’m just worried we won’t find anything we like!

I’m loving the new wood trim trend on the outside of a lot of buildings. It’s so unconventional and a cool change to paint, or just plain brick. Lord knows how we gonna get our hands on one of these!




White Brights

I’ve recently been into so much different design and colour ideas, that I can’t decide what I’d like to keep! I hate getting “locked” into a theme, or specific colour that doesn’t allow any room for changes or updating a look.

So the white bright look is really what I’m loving right now and a cool compromise! I love that a white space and walls is sort of like a canvas that allows you room to really play with colour, texture and different pieces. Also, with walls being white, this doesn’t “lock” you into a colour theme. These are some really cool looks I found. Most of them are Swedish, as always!


Finding your Niche

I haven’t been able to blog for ages! Been away for work, which had me neglecting my blog! Anyway, the guys called me in to come up with looks for their offices at Niche. Bearing in mind this is my first time “presenting” what I think might work in someone’s space, I think it went okay. Their office is rather small and I came up with two possible looks for the space. The idea was to utilize the space, by making it seem bigger and roomier. With it being a design studio, the space has to inspire creativity and have a positive impact on the people in it. The guys are very much into everything modern, but not sterile, vintage, but not eclectic or bohemian. They also wanted a office that seemed “lived” in and comfortable for those working late nights.

My task was to achieve a office look that is bright, airy, trendy, modern, retro, vintage, comfortable and oozing on the cool factor. These were the “looks” I came up with.