New Additions

I have finally found the coolest tripod lamp at a decent price from @homelivingspace!! I decided not to use the shade it came with though, thought the one on the old floor lamp suited it better. I didn’t get the little black tripod desk lamp, but I thought it was cute! Plus I finally tracked down Tokyo-Go-Go, otherwise known as Greg Darroll, and I have my faces! Just couldn’t keep these to myself, so I had to post about them. :-)


Mooki Noodle Bar

Last night we decided to explore our hood(in Brand road, which is our road) and had dinner with some really good friends at Mooki Noodle Bar. This place is amazing, I simply had to blog about it. The service was good, the food was amazing and obviously I loved the decor!

The restaurant is Asian (I love Asian food), but mostly Japanese inspired. I loved the prints on the wall, done by a graphic designer called Tokyo-Go-Go and managed to find out where I can get some from!! You guys really have to check this place out!


For the love of Smeg!

I walked by a store at Gateway this weekend and spotted these cute things, cool as ice! Everyone knows I looooove the Smegs, not sure if I want them sitting in a store window though. I’d rather want them in the back so no one sees them, or just maybe until I have one! These are gorgeous though:-)


Keeping Time

Since we 10 days into 2012, I’m still on the new years resolution tip. It’s weird how every January we come up with all these ideas and resolutions to improve on the previous year. I could delve into all the resolutions I have, but since this blog is about design, I’ll stick to that.

These are some of the items that have made my resolution list:
– Complete our dining set (we’ve had chairs missing for the last 8 months!)
– Replace the floor lamp in the living room(ours is ancient and is slowly getting on my nerves)
– Get a new rug in the living room (the one we have is a reddish colour and because the new tv stand is red and the arm chair has a predominantly red colour the rug Has to go!)
– A new couch!!! Seriously, unless I can afford to buy real leather, I will Not be buying pleather ever again! The couch has seen better days, but we were thinking of only replacing it once we move into a new place to get the proportions right. I did say we currently live in a one bedroom little flat!
– Get a new place!!!

However, back to the immediate and what the pocket allows! Rory and I have a joint resolution to get him awake in the mornings since he’s Not a morning person! So this involves him waking up and making us breakfast, now I must say, since Monday I’ve been literally dragging him up and out of bed. I think maybe we needing a new alarm clock, so I found these uber cool ones!





Resolutions Resolutions

This is disgusting, it’s been more than a month since I’ve blogged!! So part of my resolutions have been to up my blogging, think the festive season really got in the way.

This brings me to this post, seriously what is it with us and the amount of time and money we spent getting into debt during the festive?! It just got me to thinking, when will I finally have enough “things”? Does this process of collecting ever end?

This is probably rich coming from me, because I love the way design changes and adapts and I simply have to have it all! I mean over Christmas and New Year we spent ridiculous amounts of money on absolutely nothing that I can account for. So this post is to 2012, and my resolutions being realized.