So Cliche

So, I’ve been a little slack on the blogging! Things are just so hectic at this time of the year and I find it harder to be inspired. I had to share these though! We’ve just had our year end work party and I got these cheesy kitsch salt and pepper shakers as a pressie. I’m actually tempted to use them, just because they so cliche!!


The Art of Bed Making

Making the bed, for me is a process that needs to be done right! I mean everyone loves getting into bed when the sheets are crisp and cool, so again, if you making it, you might as well do it properly.

This is normally a touchy subject with couples, but seriously guys (I might be generalizing here, for you lucky ladies whose man can make a bed), are useless at this! I try to delegate the bed making to my husband every so often. He says okay, no problem and makes the bed. Only, then I can’t step into our bedroom again, because I’ll end up making it again and offend him. I think I’m borderline OCD, because if I see the beds just a little bit frumpy, there’s absolutely no way that I can leave the house without it bugging me all day! I know, it’s a bit mad but bed making sets the tone for my day!

So, without further ado, the art of making the bed is the Hospital Corner!! I’ve found this pic and simply had to post it..


Swedish Envy

What is it with the Swedes?! They get design so right, yes you feel inspired, but also a bit like ” I thought I got this look down(and then you see some apartment in Stockholm online)?!”It’s not like they get a part of a space right and you think wow, that looks cool, but they get all of it so right! Sheesh! Well at least it keeps you inspired..

What I’ve noticed is that in most scandinavian spaces,there is light in abundance, high ceilings are everywhere and buildings exude charm. I love that colour is beautifully showcased, even though most walls are white with pops of colour in furniture and fabrics. Interiors are so thrown together that they look effortless! So Sweden’s more than Ikea, I get that now..