Hello Kitty

I love the waving Japanese kitties! You know the ones that sit on your dashboard and every bump starts off a waving frenzy! According to Japanese tradition, if the cat’s right paw waves it means you will get money really soon and the left paw waves in customers to a restaurant (which is where they normally use to sit).

Really want to get one for home, my husband says its too cheesy!





Tastes and Trends

I don’t know if you remember about 2 years ago everyone was into everything dark wood? I was really into that trend as well, until I got bored and felt that the dark wood look became a bit limiting. Furniture and designs from the 50’s and anything retro became my obsession and my dark wood phase was out the window.Thing is, once you’ve spent your money on furniture it’s kinda hard to change your mind and decide you like something different.

I think I’ve realized that my tastes in design goes through periods and I should be investing in looks that are timeless. Now I love combining all woods and I’ve also realized different woods work well in combination with whites! How cool are these looks I’ve found on Apartment Therapy?!





Scatter it

I’ve always been one for too many throw pillows! I swear its like something I do unconsciously, we’ll be shopping for something completely unrelated and I’ll still find myself gravitating to where the throw pillows are! We have so little storage space, so buying a new set every 3 months has become impossible. I’ve also started to find it hard to find cool, different patterns and colours, so I’ve opted to buy online. I haven’t bought them yet, no space like I said and we are thinking about replacing the couch soon, so I’ll wait till then.

We were thinking of going grey with a couch and these pillows I found on Etsy are to die for!20111017-202513.jpg20111017-202526.jpg20111017-202548.jpg 


I’m at a point where I have this Wishlist in my head about what furniture I’d like in our place. Here I’m talking about the big pieces, so tables chairs etc. I also find that with the bigger pieces you get to really think about what you want and it’s okay to over analyze.

That said, when it comes to the smaller things, the things that make your place your own I seem to get a bit stuck. I find that I tend to over think things a bit and then it just becomes a chore! This is supposed to be the part that’s fun because you start a process of collecting things that mean something personal to you over the years.

This post is just me venting that I’ve hit a bit of a block! I did find this cool Madame Luna room diffuser from The Space this weekend though. That’s a start right?