New Additions

I simply have to dedicate a blog post to Simply Great Decor about our new addition! I’ve previously blogged about this(I think) horrible tv stand we acquired a few years ago when we first moved into our place. It’s dark wood, chipboard and has this veneer top- I hate chipboard! It was at the time the affordable practical buy. I say never again, it started warping and the veneer started peeling.

This is a perfect example of getting what you paid for. I have to say that I now believe in buying pieces of furniture that are timeless. We had our coffee table custom made by Simply Great Decor, their work and craftsmanship speaks for itself-I’d do it over and over again. Which led to getting this tv stand custom made as well. The design and fire engine red entirely my husband(he always says I don’t give him credit when it’s due), so babe I love it!




Dining Room Update

I haven’t blogged in a while! Feels like I’ve been neglecting my blog, we’ve just been so busy.

We finally have our dining room almost sorted, just need two more chairs at our dining table. I’ve started the different chair thing(I love the Eames inspired ones!) and now I have to find two more that will spice things up. The wall is still a bit bare, hopefully I’ll find something interesting for it soon!