Wall Decals

I think it’s safe to say that we all get a bit bored by the mundane life of work and home everyday! I get antsy to a point where I need to rearrange things or spruce things up a bit at home. There was a point where I wanted to be daring enough to do the wall paper thing, but that’s so permanent that I decided against it.

Instead I came across these on Etsy! They are wall decals that are easy to remove and replace whenever you want. I love that they are not too permanent and you have the option to change things seasonally!





Dining In

Don’t know if you guys remember that I’ve been looking for some dining chairs? Well since the guys no longer work from home, I’ve been looking for chairs to reclaim our dining area.

So, we found some this weekend! The Eames look alike we found at @Home Livingspace and the squarish one is from Cobin Lighting. I’m so excited, can’t wait for them to arrive, will post a pic then.



Retro Sideboards

I was never a fan of “sideboards”, I think it’s mainly because of growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. I remember homes, including our own, having this huge entertainment unit (floor to ceiling) filled with a TV, Hi Fi, knick naks and collectibles. And then there was a sideboard that came with your dining room table set. This was normally filled with the “special occasion” cutlery and crockery and more collectibles. I had then decided, I would have no sideboard in my house! However, we still need some sort of storage unit at home. Now, with me being obsessed with retro, I found these!!!