New Beginnings

So the boys have found some new stylish offices and we finally have our dining room table back! This brings me to now looking for chairs, an expense of note, but fun and exciting! Because we have such a small space, I really have to maximize the area. I found these gorgeous white chairs- our dining table has a dark wood tabletop with white legs. These chairs would look amazing. This is what I’d like, now to find them at a decent price!


Loft living

I’ve probably mentioned urban living at least a million times in my previous posts! Coming across a loft space in our city is probably few and far between, in my head we would have to break down walls to get what we want.

The house below was featured on Apartment Therapy, and get this, it’s a family home! I love the way this couple has compromised their space and resulted in still getting the urban space they wanted!