Nautical Crush

Have you ever felt really inspired by something that you have to talk about it to whoever wants to listen?! That’s how I feel about everything nautical and stripey. This trend has been around for a while now, but I can’t seem to shake it! Makes me think I really need to own that beach house someday!


This is for all the hoarders out there. Are you one of those people who just collect things for the sake of it? I have to say as far as this goes, I’m quite good with getting rid of things I don’t need, I hate build up-it’s one of my pet peeves! Rory on the other hand is a bit strange, he loves clean lines, the whole minimalist look, he hates clutter that is seen, but underneath lurks a huge hoarder!! Here are some de-cluttering ideas:

– Get rid of old clothes you don’t wear-donate it. I used to have this need to keep clothes of way back when, even as far matric! Seriously who am I kidding?!

-Stop collecting for the sake of it, maybe try and picture where it would go in your home before purchasing.

-If at all possible get a walk-in, this is a bit much even for me. This way as girls we wouldn’t have to hang onto shoe boxes and that way I’ll be able to wear all my clothes!!

-Empty your pockets when walking through the front door. That way you get rid of slips, packets etc that you don’t need.

-Organise your admin at home, by that I mean budgets, expenses, important documents, tax documents and the like into a filing system.

These are just some ideas that I can think of, what are yours?

It doesn’t have to be white

Most of us are drawn to everything bright, bold, fresh and funky. A space filled with colour and light can lift a mood, change the way you feel when you walk into a room. Why then are we sometimes so cautious to use and explore with colour in our homes? Using colour in clever ways can make any space come back to life. There is something dramatic and bold about either focusing on one colour in a room or using a multitude!

I love splashing out in colour with paint, frames, linens, curtains…the list goes on and on. Remember, it doesn’t have to be white :-)


Home Offices

The boys run their business from our place, I mentioned  previously that it’s a one bedroom flat! So, they are using our dining area as office space. I do wish that we had enough space to actually create a whole room as a home office. I have also come to the realization that Rory will need a home office regardless of where we live. Knowing me,  a office has to be an extension of our home and it will get the same dedication as the rest of it. How many of you have home offices that you wish you could transform?

Colour me Blue

As far as personality in the home goes, I think many people would agree that your bedroom probably exudes the most. As a girl it’s where you start making your bedroom your sanctuary, a room to relax in. Rory allows me to do me in our bedroom. It gets a bit difficult for a couple when one of you wants to have only their say! There’s a fine line between a girly bedroom and one that belongs to a couple, especially if you like me that loves to change things up! I’m currently in love with blue’s and gray’s and these are some of my favorite.