Keep Calm and Carry on

I have this thing about switching things up a bit in our home. Our new addition to our living room wall is inspired by the Keep Calm and Carry on posters.

Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion. It was hardly known of and hardly used. The poster was later rediscovered in 2000, and is now used in decorative ways. So, because I’m so inspired by this poster, my husband had it printed and we had it block mounted.

Here’s a pic of ours, and some examples of others.

20110429-065117.jpg 20110429-065323.jpg.


5 Things To Do Before Going On Holiday

So you’ve been away for a short holiday and it’s time to come home. This must be the best part of your trip home- imagining your bed, your own bathroom, just getting back to your own space and getting impatient about just getting home! Until you walk into your house that you have to clean up first! This is a list of 5 things I do before I leave home:

– Clean up before you leave, there’s nothing worse then coming back to a dirty place.
– Wash those dirty dishes.
– If you have time to change your linen, do it- fresh sheets are so good when coming home.
– Don’t leave your cupboards empty with nothing to eat, it’s so annoying come home to no food!
– Turn off your geyser, especially if you going away for 2 days or more. At least you doing something green!

Now I know why my mother insisted on cleaning the house before leaving to go anywhere.

Picture Perfect

Why is it always so difficult to find something to decorate your walls with? Or, that you can never find the right piece or frame! You’ll even be tempted to buy from everyone’s favourite old home store, which isn’t really what you want. So you basically pay for something that you think is affordable, but you might find it at your next dinner party at a friend’s place! Doesn’t that just drive you mad?!!

So, I say have a look at all your pics on your computer and print them!! How is it that you never print pics anymore (that’s another topic altogether) ?? Here’s a tip, before hanging your frames, arrange them on the floor, in this way you can plan a layout until you decide what works. This eliminates the “maybe I should have done it this way” afterward. If you live in Durban, I find all my frames (for the fraction of the price) at Natal Mouldings and Frames, they are on 152 Gale Street Umbilo. These are some examples that I love! At least in this way you won’t find a “proud find” on a friend’s wall!!

Aladdin and Magic Carpets

Way back when, I was seriously into everything vintage and bohemian. So, my first flat was very “Aladdin/Magic Carpet” like, I had lots of throw pillows, throws etc. And the colours! Orange, purple, yellow-not that they look terrible together, I think I just grew out of that whole phase. This brings me to this chair that we have, that I’m seriously beginning to dislike. I had bought this chair at a market about 4 years ago for about R250,  had it refurbished and reupholstered (didn’t do it myself, I’m into DIY, but not into making a mess of things :-) the entire process cost me about R1000. So, now this chair has this bohemian look that needs an update, still love the chair, but I need to have it redone. Anyway, the point of this post was that, it’s amazing how much your tastes and preferences changes over the years and I now understand the meaning of buying pieces that are timeless..

Let me know what you think of the chair.. Ideas Ideas!


So, I get home from work last week to find a “just painted” smell as I walk in. Now I’m thinking what have these boys been up to now?! Rory and Leigh (his bf) run their design agency from our place, so at any point I can find furniture rearranged, some new gadget, etc etc Picture this all happening in our small place, and me being my perfectionist self, having to be there whenever there’s some minor renovation happening!! It turns out they had painted a chalk board in their office area to help them track all their work in progress. So, it looked quite good which leaves me with the question, why could this have not been done when I wanted one in the kitchen?!

So, if you’d like a chalkboard in your home, this is probably one of the most affordable ways. The boys used a Universal Undercoat and School Board Paint in black, both are by Plascon. You should be able to find these at any good hardware store.