Uncluttered Clutter

I think I’m a collector of stuff, to a degree. I find myself always wanting more, new products, new have to have items, I have a huge list of things I need to have! So, when’s enough enough? When do you cross over to being a hoarder? When does it become clutter?

I must say I do get rid of excess to balance things out, I’m mentally making a list of things to get rid of to get new things! I think I’ve previously done a de cluttering post, but here are some cool spaces with the right layers for them to be cosy and homey without the clutter.






Just how important are trends to you? I think I’ve harped on this topic numerous times, but somehow still come back to it for some reason. I’m a huge fan of anything mid century modern, not necessarily the retro trend in all aspects, but I really love how classic and well designed the furniture from the era was.

When we first moved into our place it was very easy to just succumb and go with one exact look, but I like a little breathing room to change things up a bit whenever I feel like it. An example would be our kitchen, it was almost getting to a point where the decor was inspired by a 1950’s diner and we could have gone all the way. This included the Smeg, a diner inspired clock and the lighting. The look was balanced by introducing wooden bar stools, I think if we had gone with diner bar stools then we’d definitely be locked into a look.

Then there’s the Nordic Scandinavian trend that’s currently taken over everywhere! I’m a huge fan of the minimalism and have adopted certain aspects. What I love most and what we’ve adopted, are the white walls. I love that walls are a simple white with pops of colour in whatever you fancy. I was very tempted to go with some white furniture, but thank goodness I didn’t, it would never last! So I guess I would describe our place as mid century Scandinavian inspired? What’s your thoughts on trends?





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It’s a baby shower!



I’ve been planning my baby sisters baby shower for a while now and it finally went down this past weekend. This is her first baby, if you remember I helped her with baby Ela’s nursery on this post. She’s very relaxed and chilled about having a baby, not exactly what my personality would be like, but she’s going to be a great Mum!

Needless to say I was in charge of all the decor and I must say, it turned out great, thanks to Pinterest where I got some inspiration from :-)











Can we just take a moment for Hee Welling’s Hay lounge chair?! I’ve blogged previously about Hay design, they are just unstoppable. I’ve been trying to find similar chairs locally, no luck yet, but I’m in love! The cool thing is that they look good in any setting, as a lounge chair, outside use or as a dining chair. Two of these would look perfect in our living room!