Baby Talk

I haven’t been on this space for so long! There’s no time for excuses, but I simply had to write this post somewhere to keep a record:-)

This is purely dedicated to the little person currently in my belly. I can’t put into words how to describe that we are in the process of making a totally new face to join our lives, it’s almost ridiculous!

I was in the process of putting together a guest bedroom when we got the news that we were pregnant. By then we had already purchased a double bed and didn’t even think of it being a baby’s room. In retrospect I don’t regret it at all as Corey now has a big boy bed already. What did take me a while though, is trying to figure out how everything would fit without getting rid of the bed. I knew that decoratively, it would have to be minimal and an easy on the eye palette. Oh, the dark blue wall was always in the plan, regardless of having a boy or girl, I’m simply in love with Plascon’s Black Beard!

What did come out of my thinking was that the room had to flow into the rest of our house, sort of like an extension. I decided to work with lots of wood and white, keeping in mind the dark blue wall. Everything sort of evolved from there. Most of the items on the mood board below are what I’ve already purchased, it’s just a case of putting it all together. I’m so happy with the results thus far!

I think this post is just a moment where I can be absolutely clear and still and when eventually looking back at this, remember how special a time it was.



Thought I’d do an update on where we are with our renovation. I think I’m at the stage where you can’t wait for it to be over. Initially the thought of it is exciting, but after having construction workers underfoot for a few weeks, I get impatient with the whole process. It just reminds me of our initial renovation and all the frustration and dust comes to mind! So, I think it will be another week or so and then hopefully we’re all done.

I must admit that what renovating has done is opened up the conversation on how long we plan to live in our current space. You know, are we over investing, is it necessary, I start to question my decorative choices, will it turn out the way I see it in my head? What we have realized is that apartment/urban/lock-up-and-go living is exactly what suits our lifestyle. If you’ve followed my blog since the early days you’d know that I’ve never been the house, white picket fence and a dog kinda girl and nothing’s changed!

Now that things are taking shape, I decided to redo my previous mood board with more specifics, also some progress pics :-)


image image image

Gold Lux

Trust me to already be thinking of the next renovation while we haven’t finished our current one! I think just being in the swing of things gets the creative juices flowing.

We we have an en suite toilet off our bedroom, that initially when we moved in, I was convinced it would be my walk-in closet! However, after being in our place for almost two years, that little toilet has become quite handy in the middle of the night or when our main bathroom is occupied. So, I’m kinda liking it the way it is! I figured that because there is no bath or shower, things like steam and mold don’t come into play, basically it doesn’t have to be too practical, so we could go all out in this little space.

Because it’s only fair, I had to ask the husband if it could be a lux powder room of sorts, you know where a girl could do her makeup with awesome lighting and just feel like you’ve stepped into your glam cave ha! Ultimately, we’ve decided to go half on this by it not being overly feminine, which is cool with me, I’m not into pink and frills anyways:-)

Currently I’m in love with all gold fixtures and faucets, so that’s definitely a must, also a bit of gold add to the lux appeal. A must must have is the subway tile, with black grouting in this case. I’ve had a bit of a thing with this tile for a good couple of years now, I have to to have it!


Under Construction

The last time we had contractors in our house I never wanted to see another one ever! Unfortunately renovations come part and parcel with contractors, banging, drilling and dust, the dust may be the worst. But yes, we’ve started construction on our enclosed balcony a week ago.

I’m not sure of the exact age of our house, but this space was previously a wrap around verandah, which was subsequently enclosed. It makes it a bit difficult to try and figure out what to do with the space, but ultimately we want it to be a chill spot of sorts. The idea is to be able to open up the space completely during the summer months, while windows will retain the warmth of the sun in the winter months. So, the best of both worlds ideally.

Decoratively, I’d like a more natural and masculine take, no fuss, no clutter, as space is of utmost importance. It’s hard for me to recreate what I’m thinking, but think exposed beams for a ceiling, concrete screed floors, timber stack doors that completely open up the space and low lighting. I’ll be documenting this process as we move along. Below is some inspiration that I’ve been referencing.


image image image image image

What’s definite are these cool pendants from Hoi P’loy!

image image


To travel is to live! Nothing energizes me more than seeing and experience new things. It’s also so disappointing sometimes when this feeling only lasts while on holiday and we slowly slip into everyday life. Trying to keep this state of mind can be challenging, but this world map I got in NYC ┬ákeeps my head up!




Empire State

I’m not going to rant about not blogging for the last 53 days. Life and work gets in the way sometimes, so there. What I will say, is that I have so much more quality of life when I blog and document. Blogging brings with it a chance to pause and reflect.

So, works been crazy busy with lots of traveling, first to Mauritius which was amazing, then our own vacay to NYC! I decided to write this post mainly because I want to encapsulate what a trip to New York leaves me with. This visit definately confirms to me that there is truth in there being an Empire State of mind.

New York is one of those places that takes your breath away and leaves you inspired to do more. Somehow New Yorkers have found a way to work, and still do life and with as much vigor. As a tourist maybe you only get to see the best of a city, but this time around we tried to get more in touch with New York culture and didn’t do much touristy stuff.
New Yorkers are expressive, confident, not apologetic and just do them. There is no shyness, indecisiveness, reproach or anything, people seem to know their worth. If there’s anything that I’ve learned from this was to know your worth, know what you want and pursue it shamelessly. American’s are often described as arrogant, brash and selfish. Personally I think they are just simply confident and know what they want.

All in all this holiday has left me inspired to do more than what I currently do, to embrace circumstance, and there’s no such thing as the right time. These are all things I already know, but sometimes just need a reminder to get out of the funk that gets in the way of you’re vision.


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