I have such a long list of things to do around our house, it’s not even funny. I love the idea of a constant work in progress to feed creativity. I must admit, when we lived in our little one bedroom, once all the possible renovations were done I missed getting creative. This is why I constantly look for ways to change things up.

That being said, this is probably at the very end of our list of things to do but we have this enclosed wrap around balcony. I really would like for it to be a chill spot in the house. What’s cool is that because it’s enclosed it should come in really handy during winter, if only we had seating! But yes, it’s a really cool area where you still feel like you’re outside but inside. So, I’ve been on the hunt for these really cool leather beanbags/poufs. They have a super relaxed feel, without looking like a typical bean bag. Don’t know if you remember this post I did on patterned tiles for this area, but these would make for an amazing combo!







These wire stools have always been hanging around in the back of my head. Every so often I think, maybe it’s worth buying at least two. Come to think about it, they are super versatile. At this stage we could use them as side tables, while sitting outside as a seat for an extra guest or just as a table. Found these stools at Inside Out on Windermere over the weekend. They not quite the style that I’m looking for but still really pretty.





Light White

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have a thing for Scandinavian design. It’s just the way they make use of natural light in the home. I love the uncluttered, minimal decor without being cold or clinical. Plus the fact that monochrome is so simple, it’s weird, this has even been rubbing off onto my wardrobe as of late. Here’s some inspiration courtesy of Pinterest :-)







I’ve just realized that I may have a thing for white ceramics. What I find most difficult in decorating, is getting a space to feel. You know, when you walk into a room you immediately get a feel of the rooms personality. That’s usually achieved not necessarily with the bigger pieces of furniture in a room, but with sentimental items.

I’m digressing from the title of this post but anyways. The way I see it, all the items that we own have some sort of history. All my purchases are deliberate, and I don’t ever buy for the sake of buying. So, I find it very difficult to purchase the small sentimental pieces. It’s like the saying goes, “Don’t sweat the small stuff “, only I do. A friend recently told me that our place looks like a showroom! That’s exactly what I’m NOT trying to achieve! Lately I’ve been trying to be more conscious of that and for some reason have been gravitating to these white ceramic pieces to add some character, they all over the house :-) Whatever makes you happy right?






When it comes to counter tops, marble for me does it every time. Whether it be kitchen or bathroom, it looks amazing. The only drawback is that my pockets are not that deep, hence most people opt for something more affordable. How gorgeous are these though?



image image

Table tops are cool ways to introduce marble in smaller amounts in your space :-)

image image




Talking about kitchens, as much as ours is last on our priority list, there’s always a big but. Who knows when we’ll get to the kitchen and in the mean time I’d like to put my stamp on it you know. Make it ours and all that.

The backsplash area is currently painted and not tiled. This is definitely the most affordable and quick update we can afford to do at this stage. A facelift of sorts. Now, if you know me really well, you’d know that firstly I’m in love with wallpaper and can’t wait to experiment and secondly that I’m obsessed with the subway tile. More specifically a simple white, not beveled, not shiny and more importantly, with black grouting subway tile. Here are some really cool options.