4 Sale

Hey guys, thought I’d write this quick post. Yes, I’m still on my dining chair tip. I’ve been looking online for a second chair. The second hand dealer from my bargain hunting on Saturday, suggested I look online first before going via an auction. Makes sense I guess, going to the seller first, cutting out the middle man. Turns out most sellers advertise on Gumtree and Bid or Buy for us South Africans first, before going the route of an auction. I’ve had absolutely no luck thus far, which is why I’m writing this post. Nonetheless, here are some pointers when looking to purchase secondhand furniture online.

1. Always visit a reputable site, with decent pictures quality people!

2. I always try to check the sellers background on the actual site. Look for previous sales, and also a review if that’s possible.

3. Know what you’re looking for, meaning if it’s a specific table, or whatever, try to get a name to identify that particular style. It just makes the elimination process that much easier. Chances are, a seller that labels their furniture for sale correctly, could be more credible and know what they talking about.

4. That being said, some people don’t necessarily know if they’re sitting on a gold mine, take advantage of that. It seems mean, I know, but we’re looking for a bargain here.

5. Lastly, I try and stick to what is in my immediate surroundings, sometimes impossible I know, but a viewing before purchasing would be nice.

I love my new Windsor chair, now just for the sanding and painting!




Me Time

A good book with a cup of tea and I’m in my element. Don’t know about you, but I love having a space where I can just hang out around the house. Besides my bedroom, this is a space where I’m completely relaxed.

Below are some essentials for my reading area. I love the modern Bertoia chair paired with a soft sheepskin rug and then of course a Persian rug which I’ve been dying over lately :-)


5 Ways to shake things up


How often do you walk into a room and think, I’m over this, I’m not feeling this space/layout anymore? Or you just don’t get the same vibe from a space. Most of us are in the habit of buying something new for a room to be renewed. I love the retail therapy of that, but I’ve been trying to recycle, reuse or repurpose pieces at home. Here’s some ways you can change things up without breaking the bank.

– Rearrange furniture; this can introduce a whole new look to a room. I remember growing up my Mum used to constantly change the position of their bed, it kept things fresh.

– Add an occasional chair from your living room to your bedroom. A chair in the bedroom adds a feel of luxury, a spot to curl up and read a book!

– Change around your art/pictures on a wall. Start a gallery wall?

– Rearrange a bookshelf. What about colour coding your books for a point of interest?

– Restyle a coffee table or dresser. Add your fancy perfume bottles to your display.

These are just a few examples that for me, work really well. Hope I’ve helped in one small way :-)


I’ve been looking to replace two of our dining chairs for a while now, they’ve just yellowed quite a bit and look really nasty! I love the whole mismatched look and the versatility it offers. Windsor chairs have been popping up everywhere and I’ve been hunting. Finally found one today from a second hand dealer in Glenwood! They didn’t have a set, so I’ve just bought one, I really don’t mind if the second chair is slightly different.

This chair is completely restored and I’m thinking about painting it a shade of blue (I really love the soft pastel shade in the second pic) fun times! I’ll be doing all the sanding and painting, so look out for updates:-)






Bathroom Essentials

The bathroom for me is a place that has to be calming filled with cool tones, have lots of natural light and make me feel completely relaxed.
I love light, earthy cool tones when it comes to bathrooms. This look post is just that.

I found these items locally, Woolies and Mr P available online :-)

Frosted vase- Mr Price

Soap dish- Weylandts

Tall wire basket- Weylandts

Slatted bath mat- Weylandts

Tumbletwist bath mat- Woolworths

Ceramic soap dish- Woolworths